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8130 E. Main St.
LeRoy, NY 14482

Attention, Attention, Attention we are in need of your listings!                  We have many clients looking for their perfect home.
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00 Parmelee Road, LeRoy "SOLD"

14 Garden Lane, LeRoy "SOLD"

8538 N.Street Rd, LeRoy "SOLD"

9351 Warsaw Rd., LeRoy "SOLD"

9008 Linwood Rd., LeRoy "SOLD"

67 Clay St., LeRoy "SOLD"

9096 Linwood Rd., LeRoy "SOLD"

74 W. Main St., LeRoy "SOLD"

6737 Junction Rd, LeRoy "SOLD"

60 Myrtle St., LeRoy "SOLD"

44 W Main St., LeRoy "SOLD"

9108 Linwood Rd., LeRoy "SOLD"

9 Bacon St., LeRoy "SOLD"

2682 Graney Rd, Caledonia "SOLD"

37 East Ave St, LeRoy "SOLD"

33 Lake St, LeRoy "SOLD"

16 Lake St, LeRoy "SOLD"

11 George St, LeRoy "SOLD"

72 North St, LeRoy "SOLD"

9222 Summit St Rd, LeRoy "SOLD"

57 Clay St, LeRoy "SOLD"

13 Munson St St, LeRoy "SOLD"

15 Exchange St St, LeRoy "SOLD"

21 Mill St, LeRoy "SOLD"

45 Hutchins Street, Batavia "SOLD"

28 Lincoln Ave, LeRoy "SOLD"

39 Myrtle, LeRoy "SOLD"

8549 North Rd, LeRoy "SOLD"

6590 Thwing Road , Stafford "SOLD"

8386 Lake St Road, LeRoy "SOLD"

17 Gilbert Street, LeRoy "SOLD"

0 Keeney Road, LeRoy "SOLD"

9080 Linwood Rd, LeRoy "SOLD"

0 West Bergen Road, LeRoy "SOLD"

8613 Keeney Road, LeRoy "SOLD"

6 Warner Park , LeRoy "SOLD"

9217 Summit St Rd, LeRoy "SOLD"

300 Washington St , Ogden "SOLD"

8542 East Main Rd , LeRoy "SOLD"

7959 North Rd , LeRoy "SOLD"

9450 Warsaw Rd S , LeRoy "SOLD"

8303 E Main Rd., LeRoy "SOLD"

97 E Main St., LeRoy "SOLD"

9133 Transit Rd., LeRoy "SOLD"

Did you know we can set up a home search for you that meets your specific requirements. So, when a new home is listed that matches your search criteria you will be immediatly emailed the listing. This is a free, no obligation service provided by Rider Real Estate. If you wish to conduct a search of your own we are on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, HomeSteadNet.com and many others.